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Summer Program


Welcome Back!  GBS Baseball is back and very excited to see all of you back on the field.


The Titan Program has made a deliberate philosophy change to our summer program.  We are using the summer program as an instructional opportunity to better prepare our athletes for the situational competition we feel has been missing in the past.  We will not be playing in an organized league (we encourage players to play travel).  Our goal is to make summer baseball more instructional and meaningful. We have attempted to keep the schedule concise and coaches will be focused on instruction during this time.  All sessions will meet at the varsity field for check in (Covid protocols) and all players should wear a mask at all times during these sessions.  Bring your own water (and do not share) as water will not be provided at the field.  Bring all of your baseball equipment you will need for a practice / games as well as indoor shoes in case of rain.


This summer camp will be an opportunity for all students who wish to try out for GBS baseball to work on their baseball skills and game play.  These days will be 2 hour sessions that will consist of individual skill development, team play concepts, and game play scenarios.   GBS Baseball coaches look forward to working with all of our students / athletes. 


Incoming Freshman will be working at the freshman baseball field and Varsity / JV at the Varsity field.  Social distancing must be applied to all warm up, conditioning, drills and scrimmages.  Please wear a mask at all times.


The scheduled dates are:

June 14th-July 1 Monday-Thursday from 10am-12  

This is how most of our communication will happen during the day.  

You may also want to visit our web page at:

You can also follow us on twitter:  @GBS_Baseball

As well as instagram: @gbs_baseball

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